Electrical Supplies to Sheds/Garages/Out-Buildings 2018-09-03T13:41:26+00:00

Electrical Supplies to Sheds/Garages/Out-Buildings in East London

When planning to feed your household electrical supply to power your outdoor buildings, sheds and garages, you will need to ensure the work is carried out property by qualified electrical engineers with experience of installing external electrical wiring.

Supplying power to your external buildings is not as simple as running an electrical cable from your home to your outdoor building. You will need to think through your project and establish why you want to power your buildings and what you want to do in them.

  • You may want to add some lighting to your shed so you don’t need to rely on using a hand held torch to find things in the dark.
  • It could be that want to add lighting and power to your garage or workshop so you can relocate your washing machine, tumble dryer or chest freezer to free up some space in your kitchen.
  • You may want to add electrical sockets to your garage or workshop so you can use plug-in power tools for DIY projects.

Knowing what you need external power for will help us work with you to supply and fit the right electrical cabling and power supply to meet your needs for the job, and to install the perfect amount of power sockets and lights you need.

We can work the distance we need to take your power from your consumer unit to the end of your external electrical system. We will then arrange a convenient time to carry out the work for you, casing minimal disturbance and impact to your working day.

Why not contact us today to book our expert external electrical installation services, or to discuss your needs.