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Electrician in Sidcup

OK, we know that home electrical wiring isn’t the most inspiring topic to talk about, but this doesn’t mean that the subject isn’t worth discussing. When it comes to getting those boring electrical jobs done around the home, it can be easy for you to think that the first electrician in Sidcup that turns up on a Google search will be a good choice. However, relying on internet searches isn’t the best way to choose your electrical service provider.

You also may be very tempted to look for the cheapest possible quote for your electrical work. However, skimping on your budget could actually cost you more money in the long term. Simply going for the cheapest quote in an effort to save you some money that you can spend on a pizza or a night out may sound like a good idea, but that £30 you saved may cost you a hefty repair bill when you need to call someone out to fix a dodgy electrical job.

Homeowners are really taking a dangerous risk by using an unregistered electrician in their homes. Simply going on the price of a quote for the work isn’t enough to guarantee you will get a competent job that leaves your family and home safe from electrical risks.

Check whether an electrician is registered

The first thing you should check is whether an electrician is registered and qualified. This is actually very easy to do. Electricians that are registered with a Government-approved scheme will appear on their register. If you cannot find them, then ask for proof on their registration. Should they fail to do so, walk away – fast!

Risking hiring an electrician because they are cheap can leave your at severe risk of electrical damage being done to your home, not to mention the dangers of electrocution for your family and yourself. Do you really want to put the safety of your family at risk for the sake of a few saved pounds? No, we didn’t think so. Shoddy electrical workmanship can not only burn a hole in a wall of your home, but also burn a hole in your pocket too.

When do I need the help of a qualified electrician?

To be on the safe side, we would recommend that you use a genuine registered electrician to do all electrical work within your home, including any external electrical wiring for porches, garages and sheds. When it comes to upgrading your old home wiring, installing new wiring to an extension or loft conversion, or even adding extra plug sockets to your kitchen to accommodate new kitchen gadgets and phone charging sockets, you cannot take a chance on a DIY enthusiast – this could be extremely hazardous to your health and safety when done incorrectly.

Bristone Electricians in Sidcup

By choosing a registered electrical provider such as Bristone, you will be properly protected by our fully guaranteed work and insurance. It also means that you will be dealing with professional electricians that have passed strict qualification requirement that are regulated by the UK Government, and have to keep up a high level of standards to remain registered.

Bristone are a small team of Sidcup-based experienced electricians. All of our friendly team members are fully qualified to City and guilds level 2&3, NVQ level 3 and hold City and guilds level 3 inspection and testing. All staff are members of JIB/ECS and have current and up to date JIB GOLD cards. We also are CRB checked and vetted. Our qualifications can be verified via the ECS website.

Bristone electrical are proud to offer our service to both residential and commercial customers and can cover all aspects of electrical work, including new installs, repairs and upgrades. We offer free on-site quotations, consultations and full CAD service.

You can contact our friendly team to discuss your needs today – we are here to help! You can check out the quality of our workmanship through our detailed portfolios from our very happy customers and on-site visits.

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