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Fault Finding and Rectification (East London)

It can be a worrying experience to have electrical faults happen in your home. Not knowing whether the cause is something that is going to be easy to discover and rectify, or whether your electrical issues are a sign of a much larger problem that could put your safety at risk.

At Bristone Electrical, we can cover every aspect of your domestic wiring, including fault finding and rectification. Whether you are already experiencing issues with your power supply, or you have just moved house and want to thoroughly check your existing wiring for faults, we are here to help!

Common electrical faults

Most common electrical faults can occur when extra sockets or lighting has been added to an electrical system. Overloading your home electrical system can be very risky. This is why it is worth calling us out to do a thorough fault-finding inspection.

If you notice that your two way light switching isn’t working, your fuses keep tripping, or you notice a burning smell in any of your rooms, these are all clue’s that you have electrical faults in your home wiring.

Our small and friendly team of highly skilled electrical engineers will provide you with a professional fault finding and rectification service, covering all of your domestic installation needs.

Why not contact us today to book our expert electrical services, or to discuss your needs.