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Full Rewire/Part Rewire South East London

Rewiring your home can give you a great opportunity to design the look and feel of your home lighting to create the perfect mood. Many new homeowners want to get rid of old harsh strip-lighting in their kitchens and swap one central pendant light in their living room for wall lights. It is amazing how simply changing the lighting in your home can give it a new lease of life.

Bristone Electrical have a dedicated team of electrical engineers that have many years of performing full or part home rewiring to help homeowners get the finished results that they want. We will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Having either a full rewire or partial re-wire can be a major job. Our friendly team will take time to go through your rewiring plan with you, room by room, so that you understand what work will need to be done and what you can expect while we carry out your work.

Don’t worry – we won’t leave you sitting in the dark! While your rewiring work is taking place, we will ensure that your home is left fully powered and functional. We will take great care to work out a plan that involves working on one power circuit at a time so you are not left stumbling around in the dark!

Our friendly team of engineers are used to working with home rewiring, so will ensure that your home will still be able to run as normally as possible. We will notify you well in advance should we need to completely turn off the power to your home, which isn’t usually necessary.

Another benefit of having a complete or part rewiring job done is the fact that you can have extra electrical sockets installed in the most convenient places in your home.

With modern technology and the growing needs of families for digital gadgets, many more sockets are needed to charge and power phones, tablets, laptops, games consoles, TV’s and other devices. Rather than relying on unstable multiple-socket extension leads, or having to unplug your kitchen toaster to charge your phone, with a rewire you get to add all the extra sockets you need!

Our dedicated team will go through each room with you to make sure that you have enough socket points in the right places for easy access to plug in your devices. Many homeowners are surprised by how many additional plug sockets they actually need!

Finishing off the job

Your Bristone team will take every care to keep mess, dust and debris to an absolute minimum while we work. This means you will not be left with a huge clean-up job once we have done.

Don’t worry about your home décor either. Once our rewiring work has been completed, we will get any chasing work on your walls professionally plastered over with a smooth finish. This will leave your walls ready to re-decorate as you choose.

Why not contact our friendly team of electrical engineers today to discuss your needs.