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Smoke, Fire, Heat and Co2 Detectors (East London)

Bristone Electrical can come out to your home and install your Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Smoke, and Heat Detectors. We also offer our installation services to landlords renting out properties and can help you to meet with all of your electrical Health & Safety requirements.

Hard-wired smoke detectors

There is no denying that smoke detectors, Co2 detectors and fire alarms help to save people’s lives. This is why you shouldn’t take any shortcuts and ensure that your smoke detectors are hard wired. This means that they will run off your mains electricity supply, but they also contain a backup battery power supply.

Battery powered detectors can often fail to work because their batteries have run out. Most homeowners will forget to replace detector batteries regularly, so it pays to make sure that your detectors are hard-wired so they can save your life in a fire emergency.

Our friendly team of electrical engineers can come out to your home or rental property to advise you of the best places to fit your smoke, fire, heat and Co2 detectors. For example, you should never place a detector where it is likely to be triggered by steam coming from a shower or bath.

We can supply and fit your new smoke, fire and Co2 detectors, and also replace any old detectors that are over ten years old to ensure your continued protection.

We can advise you about choosing the right type of detectors for your property, these include:

  • Ionised Smoke Alarms
  • Optical Smoke Alarms
  • A Heat Alarm
  • Combined Heat and Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors

Why not contact us today to book our expert smoke and Co2 detector installation services, or to discuss your needs.